2016 Emerald Cup Vendor & Exhibitor Booths


S1    J&J Farms
S2    Utopia Farms
S3    Utopia Farms
S4    M&D Farms
S5    Hitman
S6    Lion’s Pride
S7    Biovortex
S8    Loompa Farms
S9    Humboldt Seed Organization
S10    Humboldt Organic Gardens
S11    Guild Extracts
S12    Guild Extracts
S13    Medley Gardens
S14    GanjaGirlScout
S15    Mtn High Club
S16    The Mendo Hide Out
S17    Mattole Valley Farms
S18    Mendocino Seed Company
S19    Broken Arrow
S20    Emerald Queen Farms
S21    RVR
S22    RVR
S23    RVR
S24    FlavRx
S25    FlavRx
S26    FlavRx
S-A    Fancy Sugar Inc.


P1    Emerald Cup Products
P2    Emerald Cup Products
P3    Emerald Cup Products
P4    Emerald Cup Products
P5    Ocean Grown
P6    SClabs
P7    Higher Vision
P8    Higher Vision
P9    Coastal Seeds/Grownwell/T.H.G.
P10    Coastal Seeds/Grownwell/T.H.G.
P11    exoticgentix
P12    exoticgentix
P13    Pacific Nothwest Roots
P14    Southfork Seeds
P15    TG Genetics
P16    Talking Trees
P17    Sonoma Cannabis Company
P18    Green Fire Genetics
P19    Madrone
P20    TreatWell
P21    Seed 2 Soul Farms
P22    Dabbenport
P23    Gage Green Genetics
P24    Bhutan
P25    Nor Star Genetics
P26    MTG Seeds
P27    Rare Dankness
P28    Shine on Farms
P29    Crystal Garden
P30    Emerald Essecence
P31    Cali Connection Seed Co.
P32    Cali Connection Seed Co.
P33    CherryKola
P34    CherryKola
P35    Emerald Orchards
P36    Peak Oil Company
P37    Peak Oil Company
P38    Royal Budline
P39    CSI:Humboldt
P40    Sense Cultivators
P41    Soul Evolution Enterprise
P42    Honey Bear
P43    True Humboldt
P44    Candy Stripe
P45    Rebel Grown
P46    Rebel Grown
P47    Humboldt Marijuana Comapany
P48    Humboldt Marijuana Comapany
P49    Sutra Sensuals
P50    Emerald Pharms
P51    Cannacraft Distribution
P52    Sonoma Lab Works
P53    bumblebee
P54    Humboldt’s Finest
P55    Big Sur Extracts
P56    Big Sur Extracts
P57    Peak Organics
P58    Maloha Gardens
P59    Sub-cool seeds / TGA
P60    Spire Ridge Farms
P61    Scarlet Fire
P62    Dark Heart Nursery
P63    Dark Heart Nursery
P64    Dark Heart Nursery
P65    Graves Farm
P66    DJ Short/Old World Genetics
P67    Swami Select/ Flow kana
P68    Graham’s Brand
P69    Island Mountain Organics
P70    SnowHigh Seeds
P71    Mosca Seeds
P72    Mosca Seeds
P73    BOG Seeds
P74    Mendocino Generations
P75    Emerald Alchemy
P76    Auction Winner!!
P77    Garden of Eden
P78    Garden of Eden
P79    Garden of Eden
P80    Emerald Exchange
P81    Garden of Eden
P82    Garden of Eden
P83    Garden of Eden
P84    Pez-Bro
P85    Aficionado Estates
P86    Brothers Grimm
P87    Brothers Grimm
P88    Seeds Here Now. com
P89    Archive Seed Bank
P90    Peace in Medicine
P91    Magnolia Oakland
P92    Emerald Family Farms
P93    Emerald Family Farms
P94    Monarch Distribuators
P95    Harborside
P96    Emerald Family Farms
P97    Emerald Family Farms
P98    Cannatech
P99    Gold Drop Co
P101 Dying Breed
P102 Cut Creek Farms
P103 Emerald Grown/Flow Kana
P104 RVR
P105 RVR
P106 RVR
P107 RVR
P108 Care By Design/Absolute Xtracts
P109 Care By Design/Absolute Xtracts
P110 Care By Design/Absolute Xtracts
P111 Care By Design/Absolute Xtracts
P112 Care By Design/Absolute Xtracts
P113 Care By Design/Absolute Xtracts
P114 Care By Design/Absolute Xtracts
P115 Care By Design/Absolute Xtracts


1    SolSolutions
2    Emerald Canine Services
3    GW2 Signs
4    Boveda
5    SPACE
6    Whoastark
7    Cannabis Now Magazine
8    Green Diamond Coco Fiber
L26    nextgen light
9    Fool’s Gold Enterprises
10    Dab-Tech
11    Science Cow
12    Cubbly Apparel
13    Custom Hat Pins
14    Dragonfly Earth Medicine
15    Forever Flowering
16    Cannabis Conservancy
17    Sasquatch Soil
18    Grassroots Fabric Pots
19    Malibu Compost
20    Pacific Bio Char
21    Trim Scene Soultion
22    King Weedy
23    Yianni
24    Synergy’s Demonstration Compost Tea Brewer
25    Vital Garden Supply
27    Emerald Kingdom

D 1    EZ Trim
D 2    Tom’s Tumble Trimmer
D 3    Artifact Nursery
D 4    Ultratrimmer
D 5    Frenchy Cannoli Tech by Delta Separations
D 6    Dr.Dabber
D 7    Critical Solutions
D 8    GreenBroz
D 9    Friendly Farms
D 10    Support The Roots
D 11    Sweetleaf Extractors
D 12    The Triminator

T1    Classic Extracts
T2    Waska Farms
T3    Nectar’s Collective
T4    Sonoma Nutraceutical
T5    Giggle Theraputics
T6    Xtractology
T7    Sonoma Patients Group
T8    Dieviant Dabs
T9    Sunboldt
T10    Sunboldt
T11    Riverview Farms
T12    Riverview Farms
T13    Earthen Farms
T14    Spyrock Farms
T15    Equinox Growery
T16    Hepburns / Hashbury Extracts
T17    A&A
T18    Papa & Barkley
T19    Korova Edibles
T20    Big Pete’s Treats
T21    VapeXhale
T22    Wolfdenwellness LLC
T23    Swamp Boys
T24    Hummingbird Lane
T25    Nature Nurse
T26    Women Cultivating Community – Sponsored by Humboldt Patient Resource Center
T27    Women Cultivating Community – Sponsored by Humboldt Patient Resource Center
T28    Meadow
T29    Crocket Farms
T30    Xtractology
T31    Sweetleaf
T32    Mendocino Native Naturals
T33    Sprig – The THC-Infused Soda
T34    Sprig – The THC-Infused Soda
T35    SoCal Seed Co.
T36    Alta Supply
T37    Alta Supply
T38    Alta Supply
T39    Alta Supply
T40    O.Pen Vape
T41    O.Pen Vape
T42    O.Pen Vape
T43    O.Pen Vape
T44    Oak Tree Orchards
T45    Oak Tree Orchards
T46    First Class Concentrates
T47    First Class Concentrates
T48    Honeysuckle Lotus
T49    Honeysuckle Lotus
T50    Satori Chocolates
T51    Maya and Woopie
T52    Eden Farms
T53    Southern Humboldt Seed Collective /Lost Coast Botanical Cooperative
T54    Legion of Bloom
T55    Legion of Bloom
T56    Beezel Extracts
T57    Beezel Extracts
T58    Redwood Roots
T59    Redwood Roots

1    Small Farmers Association
2    Restore CA
3    Eden Farms
3    Trans Tech Consultants
4    Veteran’s Cannabis Group
5    State of CA/ Deprt Food and Ag/ Medical Cannabis Culitvation Program (MCCP)
6    BOE
7    Demeter
8    Americans For Safe Access
9    Cal Normal
10    California Growers Alliance
12    Med Vets
13    MCIA
14    Weed for Warriors
15    Patients Out Of Time
16    Synergy Doctors
17    Synergy Doctors
18    Willits Health Care
19    Presto Dr

1    Big Boys MEXICAN
2    Mission Hill Creamery
3    Anna’s Organic Churros
4    Purium
5    Spiro’s Gyros
6    BNB Wings N Things
7    Fresh+Jive
8    Backyard –Coffee
9    Sankofa
10    Dope Games
11    The Wurst
12    The Farmers Wife
13    Real Cool Frozen Treats
14    Sunshine Roasters
15    Ultimate Souvlaki
16    Commet Corn
17    Back Yard Food
18    Lata’s
19    Lydia’s Kitchen
20    Chalk Hill Cookery
21    Falafel Fix
23    Al Forno Ferruza
24    Goodman’s Jewish Delicatessen
25    Ice Of Paradise
26    India Gourmet
27    Magoos Munchies
28    Arleane Francis Center
29    Smokey Mutts
30    Smokey Mutts

1    Toker Poker
2    Dirt M.D.
3    Emerald Triangle Organics
4    Natural Enemies
5    California Roots
6    Cutting Edge Solutions
7    Air Pot USA
8    The Cannabis Trail
9    Biologic Crop Solutions
10    Second Octive
11    Synergy Ag
12    Synergy Ag.
13    SunGrown Packaging
14    Ras Boss
15    Bud Sisters
16    Growers Supply
17    Mighty Quinn
18    Mighty Quinn
19    Left Coast Wholesale
20    Left Coast Wholesale
21    Hybrid Creative
22    710 SNOB Extraction Supplies
23    Third Eye Pinecones
24    Third Eye Pinecones
25    Crystal Rae’s Creams
26    Bloom Yellow Bottles
27    Magnation Water Technologies
28    Hydro Organics
29    Next G3N Greenhouse
30    North County Bounty
31    Cali Vibes Clothing
32    Mighty Quinn
33    Left Coast Wholesale/Terpinator
34    CBD Guild ?
35    Project CBD
36    Certified Kind
37    Green’s Bio Char Farm
38    phoenician engineering
39    Puff co
40    Forever Stoked
41    BHogart
42    Cultivation Sector
43    Mama P’s Wholesome Grinding Co.
44    Auroa Innovations
45    Auroa Innovations
46    Bountea
47    Gavita
48    Sasquatch Soil
49    Grassroots Pots / Tom’s Tumble Trimmer
50    Spice Pharm
51    Ecogreen Industries
52    Xtractor Depot
53    LUXX Ceramics.
54    GreenBroz Trimmer
55    Stick Figure
56    Gro-Tech Systems
57    Peruvian Gold Organics
58    GreenGro
59    Humboldt Green
60    Char Choir
61    Gavita
62    Essenciere
63    Califari
64    Stanky Danky Farms
65    Amerivac
66    Natural Cannabis Company
67    Bloom Thinking Group
68    Greenhouse Megastore
69    Farmacueticals International
70    RHS Gas
71    MG Magazine
72    MG Magazine
73    EnviroCann
74    Sc laboratories, Inc.
75    Soil King
76    Xtreme Gardening
77    For The Collector
78    Revley Supply
79    TerraVesco
80    Mateel
81    Scavenger Art/ Marple
82    California Processing
83    Cover Cannabis
84    CR Glass
85    Primordial Solutions
86    Cannacentric
87    hmbldt
88    Sc laboratories, Inc.
89    Soil King
90    DrZymes
91    Central Coast Garden Products
92    Central Coast Garden Products
93    Matole River Studios
94    Grass Roots Clothing
95    Grass Roots Clothing
96    SCGA
97    California Jade Carvings
98    Anasazi Gold
99    Probiotic Systems
100    Frenchy Cannoli Brand
101    Phylos BioScience
102    Wonderland Nursery
103    Hitman
104    Current Culture H2O
105    Current Culture H2O
106    Trophies
107    Trophies
108    Trophies
109    Skunk Magazine
110    Skunk Magazine
111    Skunk Magazine
112    Probiotic Wellness Garden
113    Smart Pots
114    Drip Works
115    Microbe Life Hydroponics
116    Microbe Life Hydroponics
117    The Cannabis Horticulture Association
118    Grean Bicycles
119    Light Wave Science
120    Oakland Garden Supply
121    Royal Gold
A    Biobizz
B    Eden Farms
C    Soilscape Solutions