Steve Bates

Steve Bates started his journey into glass in High School. He grew up in rural Maine. In high school,Steves’ art teacher had a soft glass table with a hot head torch setups in the classroom. At the age of 15, he started by making beads. There were some local glassblowers in his area and he was able to hang out and watch them work. By 19, he was making pipes.

He realized early in his college days that formal schooling was not his thing. He then spent one summer paving driveways before he decided that he wanted to blow glass for a living. His style has evolved over the years. He is constantly looking for the next thing that will inspire him and keep him motivated.

While Steve is very well known for his clear functional pieces, he started out working with color. Then Steve spent 2 semesters at Salem Community College studying Scientific Glass Technology. This scientific influence along with the fact that clear was becoming popular in the functional glass world changed Bates’ work significantly. In 2010, Bates helped to start Hitman Glass. His scientific based designs were part of the original product line.

Steve also participated in the 2010 Emerald Cup and we are glad to have him back this year.