All the 2016 speaker panels are listed below:

Appellation of Origin: Creating Terroir

Medical Cannabis Access for Veterans

Testing Regulations and the Future Impacts on Extracts

Ciaran McCarthy

Terpenes: Creating the New Nomenclature for Cannabis

The Latest Cannabis Therapeutic Treatments: From Neuroprotection to Chrons

Science and Compliance Speaker Panel

Exploring the Cannabis GenomeĀ 

The Three Amigos

Bottled versus Brewed: Making the Right Choice for Your Farm

Alex Ganos

Chemical Free Pest and Mold Management

Regenerative Farming: Becoming Stewards of Your Land

Living Soil: Building Your Soil Not Your Plants

Cultivating your Maximum Terpene Profile: From Cultivation to Curing

Community Unifiers: County Organizations Making A Difference

Certifying Your Farm: The Importance in 2017

Government Agencies Panel

Safe and Effective Use of Medical Cannabis in Dogs and Cats

Cannabis Science & Theraputics

AUMA and MCRSA: Update Politically on Post Prop 64

Marketing and Branding Tips for your Cannabis Business

Ginger Anderson