Sam Deyton

Sam founded Soilscape Solutions to provide farmers in the community with the highest quality organic amendments and sustainable soil management resources. Since 2012, Soilscape Solutions has specialized in precision soil analysis, soil amendment formulation, amendment blending services, superior tea grade compost & inputs to build healthy soil habitats.

Sam is a Certified Master Soil Consultant, with over 14 years experience in the field. He is widely versed in horticulture, arboriculture, irrigation systems, soil amending, composting and soil fertility management. Sam is a Soil Foodweb Advisor, trained by Dr. Elaine Ingham and has assisted her in teaching coursesĀ  on building soil health. He is a member of the US Composting Council and holds a Compost Operations Certificate. Sam is continuously researching resourceful and effective techniques in soil remediation and applying them in the field.