Kelly Dunn

Dragonfly Earth Medicine (Josh, Kelly and Sky) is a family owned run business and farm. We started growing food and medicinal plants in 1994 in Oregon. Taking Mother Nature’s lead, we grew and wild-crafted healing plants and mushrooms for medicines and food. This naturally led into healing works (home birth, midwifery, herbology, earth based body and mind health, moon cycles and organic gardening practices). We moved to the mountains of British Columbia in 1998. This is where our long-term dream of Dragonfly Farm was homesteaded by hand on a southwest facing slope using values, teachings and beliefs from permaculture, Eco building, natural farming, herbology for plants, mycology, soil building, seed saving, microbiology, homeschooling, self sustainability and closed loop systems. We grow huge medicinal cannabis plants using only plants to feed our crops because we do not have access to purchase nutrients because we are so isolated. This has led to a vast education in fermenting, juicing, burning, growing and wild-crafting our own nutrients. We thrive on education from Nature and love to share it. Stay tuned for our new book: Recipes for your Garden.