Karl Witt

Karl Witt is the director and founder of Eden Farms, a cooperative of cannabis farmers based in Humboldt County, California. He is a cultivator of award-winning, organic, and sustainably-grown cannabis. A passionate advocate for the plant, Karl entrenched himself in activism at an early age. At only eighteen years old he became the Associate Director of NORML in Milwaukee, WI.  Working under freedom-fighter Ben Masel of the legendary Great Midwestern Harvest Festival, Karl ended up in a van with Jack Herer, Elvy Musikka and Debbie Goldsberry on the 1990 Hemp Tour.

Karl is an outspoken advocate for ecological stewardship of the Earth. He builds soil, practices no-till farming, and experiments with many practices such as biodynamic preparations and using probiotics. He does not use bottled or micronized nutrients, nor does he apply compost teas. Karl believes instead in the cycling of nutrients. Living in the Redwoods, he observed how the world’s largest trees are fed by layers of accumulated biomass strung together by miles and miles of anaerobic fungi and bacterial colonies. Karl noticed how the plants living in their own biomass suffer little to no susceptibility to pests and he has brought that concept into his farming techniques, mulching with decaying plant matter and leaving soil layers undisturbed. Worms, bugs, bacteria, and fungi flourish, nourishing the soil and the plants living within it. Karl believes the root of plant susceptibility to problems like pests is human intervention in Mother Nature’s design. This belief is reflected in Eden Farms motto, “Water, Soil, Love.”