John Bayes Green Bodhi

The Green Bodhi CBD Garden is found just outside Cheshire, Ore. where John Bayes and his fellow farmers of the Green Bodhi collective are donating this CBD garden to children with severe epilepsy, cancer and other illnesses.

The Green Bodhi collective consists of about six farmers that are all dedicated to clean, sustainable and intentional horticulture that produces some of the best medicine on the market. I set off for a  walk through the garden. The CBD-rich ACDC gave off an incredibly pungent smell of myrcene; walking through this garden is some serious aroma therapy. The plants stood about four feet tall as they were grown outdoor rather late in the season, however, these are some of the most resinous glands we have seen on a sun-grown plant. The small hill where the garden is located creates its own microclimate — too high of an elevation for fog and at the perfect angle for max sun exposure.

They cultivate high-CBD ACDC and Cannatonic, which have hefty CBD-to-THC ratios, ideal for children with epilepsy as such strains drastically reduce seizures with its non-psychoactive effects. This high-CBD medicine will be available to parents (21+) free of cost via Calyxes in Southwest Portland.