John Anderson

John Anderson, founder of Xtreme Gardening, learned firsthand through gardening and working alongside his parents, Neil and Maria Anderson the founders of Reforestation Technologies International, that the key to unlocking plants full potential was to enhance the biology present in the rhizosphere with mycorrhizae. Neil had already developed a unique method of commercially producing Endo Mycorrhizae for use in restoration, agriculture, and forestry. John saw the potential of his father’s accomplishments and wanted introduce this product to the world of conscious gardeners, later becoming known as MYKOS. The goal being to allow gardeners of all calibers to have success by using organics and biological inoculants.

Xtreme Gardening was born from the idea to inspire a new generation of gardeners and growers looking to maximize yields through organic inputs. Using new technology with results from millions of years of natural evolutionary design, allowing us to provide gardeners with the pure biology needed for superior plant growth.

With Xtreme Gardening beneficial microbes, gardeners are no longer limited by chemical fertilizers and are able to unlock their plants’ true potential while reaching new levels of production. Experience the increase in crop yields, in addition to improving moisture and nutrient management, for Xtreme results.