• 2014 Emerald Cup Graphics

    2014 Emerald Cup Graphics

    Here you will find high resolution graphics, logos and flyers for The Emerald Cup 2014. For specific requests please contact...


  • 2013 TEC – Vendors (NugBuckets)

    2013 TEC – Vendors (NugBuckets)

    The Emerald Cup is proud to host our Vendors.  From new and innovative technologies to clothing, you'll find it right...


  • 2013 TEC –  Music (NugBuckets)

    2013 TEC – Music (NugBuckets)

    The Emerald Cup bands are as good as they come.  From internationally recognized touring artists to the best and upcoming locals, there's always...


  • 2013 Judging

    2013 Judging

    Go behind the scenes during the Emerald Cup 2013 Judging.  With 260 entries the Emerald cup Judges have their work...


  • 1st Place, Lemon Skunk

    1st Place, Lemon Skunk

    1st Place – The Emerald Cup 2013 Entry Number: 38 Name of Strain: Lemon Skunk Genetics: DNA Lemon Skunk Representative:...