Fritz Chess

In 1993, Fritz Chess read an article about a pharmaceutical company that sent researchers into remote locations to find indigenous people who used botanicals to cure illness. If these researchers found two separate groups who used the same botanical to cure the same illness, they brought it back to study and to find ways to make the medicine available worldwide. This ignited a spark in Fritz to work to unlock the secrets of multitude of botanicals using a variety of extraction and distillation processes for the pure science of it and to find more healthful and natural ways to produce products for human consumption.

In 1995 Fritz built the first Coldfinger™ extractor primarily for ethanol extractions and founded Eden Labs a year later. His intellectual curiouslty and tenacity, lead him to experiment with the use of other solvents, pressures, and temperatures and in 1997 he build his first Supercritical CO2 extraction machine. From there it was an exciting ride in developing protocols for a multitude of botanicals for a never ending list of applications! His interest in extractions of all kinds, has only increased over the years and projects have included, bio-fuels, cellulosic ethanol systems, CO2 sequestration, neutraceuticals, environmental remediation, plastizer extraction, along with many more.

For more than 20 years, Fritz Chess has been an innovator of extraction technologies. His intellectual curiosity paired with a degree in science journalism has made him the leading expert in the extraction industry. Whether he is innovating new technologies for his Hi-Flo CO 2 systems or creating a new protocols for Eden Lab’s Coldfinger tm Units, Fritz continually sets the stage for the future of the extraction industry.