Program & Schedule

Sixteen total panels, eight panels each from the Cultivation stage and Science and Politics Stage.


Science and Politics Stage

1. California’s 2016 Adult Use Cannabis Initiative: Unify for Success! (1.5 hour panel)

As we approach legalization in 2016, it is imperative that the various activists groups and the entire cannabis related culture join together to ensure we have a comprehensive initiative that benefits us all, not just a compromise.

  • Amanda Reiman- Moderator F. MPP - Lindsay Robin son
  • Matt Kumin G. Steve DeAngelo
  • Dale Jones (CCPR)
  • Omar Figueroa

2. Feminine Influence and Cannabis Culture:

“ An underlying history of the contributions made by Women which have helped to shape policy and cultural acceptance”

  • Valerie Corral
  • Aundre Speciale (CBCB/ Phytologie)
  • Debby Goldsberry
  • Kyndra Miller
  • Pebbles Trippet

3. Veterans and Cannabis:

With the constantly growing awareness of the healing power of cannabis, an ever increasing number of veterans are turning to cannabis as their medicine of choice to assist in their healing processes, and demanding their right to access therapeutic plant based medicines.

  • Alec Dixon (Moderator)
  • Jason Sweatt SC Vets Alliance
  • Dr. Berra Yazar MAPS

4. Families and Cannabis:

An overwhelming number of families are turning to cannabinoid therapy for their loved ones, and in the process refusing to continue traditional forms of pharmaceutical treatments. The results and research continue to prove how powerful and invaluable cannabis is in healing a myriad of health issues.

  • Jennie Stormes (NJ),
  • Mykayla’s family
  • David

5. The future of Cannabis in the marketplace:We are we and where are we heading?

  • Phillipe Lucas
  • Andrew De Angelo
  • Dale Gieringer
  • Tim and Ellen

6. The Future of Targeted Cannabinoid Therapy:

Discussion of various ratios of complementary cannabinoids and in relationship to different health issues.
Michael Backes (Cannabis Pharmacy)

  • Dr. Hergenrather
  • Dr. Courtney
  • Alec Dixon

7. Lab Science and Standards: Myths, Facts, and creating a unified consensus!

A discussion exploring recent developments in cannabis laboratory science as it pertains to the implementation of analysis in a regulated state wide model.

  • Josh Wurzer SC Labs
  • Jeff Raber- Werc Shop
  • Fred Gardner

8. Cannabis Researcher and Therapeutics:

Pioneers in their field and members of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians discuss their most recent research and findings and answer questions from patients and audience members. (g1.5 hours)

  • William Courtney M.D. 
  • Martin Lee 

9. Seeking legitimacy in the evolving marketplace:

marketing your medicine Branding, Social media, Niche markets, and others forms of ensuring your products find homes.

  • Lakisha Jenkins
  • Dennis Parks (CannCast)


1. Advanced Organic farming methodology and cutting edge practices.

  • Jorge Cervantes
  • Jeffrey Lowenfells
  • Dragonfly Earth Medicine

2. Growing Green 2014***Best Management Practices*** Workshop for Best business Practices.

  • Steve Gieder
  • Kristin Nevedal
  • Tom LeRoy

3. Genetics- From the Past to where 2014 is taking us.

  • Leo (Afficianado)
  • Aaron (DNA)
  • Subcool and Mz. Jill (TGA)
  • Bam (moderator)

4. The Future of Hash In California

  • Frenchy
  • Dorian
  • Nikka T (Moderating)

5. Advanced Cannabis Cultivation Practices

  • Kevin Jodrey

6. Hemp for Victory! How Hemp can lead the way for Farmers to reclaim

  • Anna Owen
  • Doug fine


  • BUBBLE (With Tbeezle)
  • Martin Lee *Hemp Oil From China*
  • Jeffrey Lowenfels ( 1 Hour)
  • Jorge Cervantes (1 hour)
  • Kevin Jodrey 707 College Workshop
  • Raha Kuda (Design to Die Workshop)
  • Organic Growing Methods (With Dragonfly Earth Medicine)
  • Forever Flowering Greenhouses (Eric)
  • Importance of the A molecule (Dr. Courtney)

Lifetime Achievement Award

Fred Gardner

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