Brian Malin

Brian Malin is the owner of Vital Garden Supply. Vital Garden Supply is a family run business with its headquarters and retail location in Nevada City, Ca. Vital Garden Supply also has di stribution warehouses in Ukiah and Wheatland CA. Vital Garden Supply sells premium organic soils, fertilizers, amendments and greenhouses.

The Vital product line, “Vital Garden Products” was developed exclusively by Brian.
Vital Garden Supply has been servicing the conscious cannabis community for 10+ years. Brian is a pioneer in the organic compost tea and soil food web movement. The importance of soil health and soil biology are becoming industry standards for cannabis growers and producers. With 25 years of organic growing experience, Brian’s expertise helps his customers to succeed!  Brian is very knowledgeable about organic pest management, light deprivation greenhouses and or
ganic nutrient programs.

The Vital Garden Supply nutrient guide, compost tea recipe, and integrated pest management practices increase yields and improve the quality of medicinal crops. Also, these practices reduce pests and pathogens present in indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse gardens. Reducing or eliminating the amount of chemical fertilizers and pesticides used by growers is always a victory for Brian!

All of Vital’s products are certified organic- CDFA, Clean Green and SCLabs / Envirocann, organic certified. Vital Garden Supply has had a booth atthe Emerald Cup for several years and is excited to be part of Northern California’s premier cannabis event! To reach Brian, stop by the Vital Garden Supply Booth or email him @