Bianca Green

Bianca Green (f.k.a. Barnhill) is an Advocate, Entrepreneur, and the Executive Producer of the acclaimed documentary, “The Culture High.” For over two decades Bianca has connected celebrities, causes and brands as an executive in the film, fashion, media and music industries. The former fashion model shifted her focus after a cancer diagnosis in 2004 that created a journey toward embracing cannabis as an alternative to pharmaceuticals. A shift in focus to non-profit and the cannabis media space soon followed in an effort to explore the medical uses of cannabis. Bianca realized she needed to help create change by erasing the stigma surrounding cannabis and the people who use it and set out to mainstream marijuana using her celebrity network to bring the counterculture out of the shadows.

Bianca sits on the board of directors of American’s for Safe Access, launching the I Choose Cannabis campaign in 2012. In 2014, she founded the non-profit organization to Engage, Empower, and Evolve compassionate people through actionable causes to help end the drug war. Bianca has become one of the most recognized executives in cannabis media. Thanks to her style and influence, she has been dubbed the “Anna Wintour of Weed” and continues to work towards positively impacting the social stigma of cannabis and cannabis users. Bianca’s mission is to bring peace for patients and help push the conversation into the post-prohibition era and to create brands that encourage wellness and elevate the cannabis industry.