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Two New Contests

The Emerald Cup In The News

The Emerald Cup is one gathering that all cannabis enthusiasts should plan to attend…It is obvious why cannabis enthusiasts return to The Emerald Cup year after year.
It was an experience like no other…
– Vegas Cannabis Magazine


The world’s biggest cannabis contest will tighten its contamination rules and publish the names of growers and dispensaries…read more


California’s defining cannabis competition has in the past shied away from accepting oils made using butane and CO2 due to…read more


In a converted gas station by an enormous stone Buddha in Mendocino County, Calif., Tim Blake stands in front of a mound…read more

Countdown to the 2016 The Emerald Cup








It’s a new day, a new era, and it’s time for everyone to come together to build a bridge to the “everything is possible” Cannabis World we’re all going to be living in.

I’ve been growing for over forty years but I’ve never been as excited as I am at this time about what the future holds for cannabis, our industry, and our community. After decades of failed efforts to stem the ever growing support and demand for our sacred herb, the Feds and the powers that be are finally realizing there’s no turning back. With the imminent legalization of adult use cannabis in California in 2016, we’re heading into uncharted territory. Everyone’s quite aware that the cannabis market in California is larger than Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and several other states combined. No doubt it will only get much more so in the coming years after legalization. California will also be the recognized world leader in the production of high-grade medicinal cannabis. It already is to many folks, but the rest of the world will soon know it too! Sure, they’re still beating us up all over the state, but it’s their final parting shots that are being inflicted upon us. The writing’s on the wall and the time is over for the old school ways of failed law enforcement tactics…read more

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